Coven Press is a loose organization of people who collaborate to organize events and publications to spread great poetry. Anyone who shares this ethos and self-identifies as part of this group is "coven." Consequently, the events listed below are not all of the events that Coven has organized or participated in, only the ones that I myself have organized or participated in.
April 20-21, 2018: New Orleans, LA; New Orleans Poetry Festival. Coven Press Reading, Dusie Presents, Counter-Desecration launch, Experiments in Intimacy panel (complete schedule)
February 9, 2017: Washington, D.C.; Coven Press Offsite AWP, Songbyrd Cafe (Adams Morgan) (7-10pm)
December 10, 2016: Brooklyn, NY; Berl’s Poetry Shop. Tiny Talks: On Magic. Lovemagic: The Coven and the power of building positive relationships between women to create space for writing, reading, and publishing. (3pm)
October 25, 2015: Brooklyn, NY; Unnameable Books with Coven Press as part of the d.a. levy lives series (1-3pm) (Facebook Event)

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