Choral performance, Birmingham, AL (2015) (Life-List)
Miami University, Oxford, OH (2011) (Organic Furniture Cellar)
July 30, 2022: Oxford, OH: Miami University
May 15, 2022: Montreal, QC: ACCUTE Conference
April 9, 2020: Birmingham, AL: Magic City Poetry Festival. Vinegar Collective, Forest Park. (Participation cancelled due to COVID-19.) 
March 4, 2020: San Antonio, TX: Festival of Language (Participation cancelled due to COVID-19.)
March 5, 2020: San Antonio, TX: Chax/Tinfish/Eoagh (Participation cancelled due to COVID-19.)
March 6, 2020: San Antonio, TX: Veliz Books/ (Participation cancelled due to COVID-19.)
September 4, 2019: Birmingham, AL: Writers for Migrant Justice, Desert Island Supply Co.
July 27, 2019: Fort Thomas, KY: Harlan Hubbard Studio
July 29, 2019: Oxford, OH: Miami University
May 22, 2019: Birmingham, AL; DISCO
April 20, 2019: New Orleans, LA; New Orleans Poetry Festival (Spacewitches)
March 13, 2019: Brooklyn, NY; Berl's Poetry Shop
February 2, 2019: Birmingham, AL; DISCO. How to Know the Flowers Launch Party
September 27, 2018: Birmingham, AL; Revelator Coffee. 100,000 Poets for Change
June 29, 2018: Birmingham, AL; ArtTown
May 5, 2018: Philadelphia, PA; Brickbat Books. Hugely Popular Series 
April 20, 2018: New Orleans, LA; New Orleans Poetry Festival. Coven Press Reading
January 16, 2018: Oxford, OH: Miami University MFA Reading
August 1, 2017: Oxford, OH: Miami University MFA Reading
April 22, 2017: New Orleans, LA; New Orleans Poetry Festival. Coven Press Reading
April 22, 2017: New Orleans, LA; New Orleans Poetry Festival. Chax Press Reading
March 25, 2017: Birmingham, AL; Sister City Presents—She Persisted: Spoken Word Artist Showcase
February 10, 2017: Washington, D.C.; Chax/Kelsey St. Offsite AWP, Busboys & Poets
February 9, 2017: Washington, D.C.; Coven Press Offsite AWP, Songbyrd Cafe
January 18, 2017: Norman, OK; Mark Allen Everett Poetry Reading Series
December 10, 2016: Brooklyn, NY; Berl’s Poetry Shop, Tiny Talks Series
September 24, 2016: Birmingham, AL; The 6th Annual 100 Thousand Poets for Change.
April 16, 2016: New Orleans, LA; New Orleans Poetry Festival
April 1, 2016: L.A., CA; Ahsahta/Chax Press AWP Conference off-site reading at Book Show
November 15, 2015: New Orleans, LA
October 28, 2015: New Haven, CT; Yale class visit
October 27, 2015: New Britain, CT; Central Connecticut State University class visit
October 25, 2015: Brooklyn, NY; Unnameable Books with Coven Press as part of the d.a. levy lives series
October 23, 2015: Brooklyn, NY; Berl’s Poetry Shop
October 10, 2015: L.A., CA; Open Press
September 13, 2015: Knoxville, TN; Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) Reading Series
April 9, 2015: Minneapolis, MN; Lavender Ink/Dialogos/Chax Press reading at AWP at Segue Cafe
April 13, 2015: Birmingham, AL; Indian Springs School Visiting Writers Series
April 26, 2015: Birmingham, AL; National Poetry Month reading at Emmet O’Neal Library
May 23, 2015: Tuscaloosa, AL; Sacred Grove Reading Series
October 12, 2014: Washington, D.C.; Arts & Crafts Beer Festival 
October 11, 2013: Oxford, MS: Bozarts Gallery (Trobar Ric Reading Series)
July 13, 2013: Ottawa, ON: The Carleton Tavern (The Factory Reading Series)
April 19, 2012: Atlanta, GA: Emory University (What’s New in Poetry? Series)
March 24, 2012: Buffalo, NY: Karpeles Manuscript Museum (Buffalo Small Press Book Fair)
March 27, 2010: Buffalo, NY: Sugar City (Buffalo Small Press Book Fair)
January 24, 2010: NY, NY: Zinc Bar
October 21, 2009: Buffalo, NY: Buffalo State College (Rooftop Poetry Club)
October 16, 2009: Lowell, MA (Mass Poetry Festival)
August 14, 2009: Buffalo, NY: Sugar City
July 10, 2009: Buffalo, NY: House reading (Habenicht Press)
May 19, 2009: NY, NY: ACA Galleries (d.a. levy lives series/dusie press)
March 20, 2009: Buffalo, NY: Sugar City (flim forum press)
February 27, 2009: NY, NY: St. Mark’s Poetry Project (A Sing Economy anthology release)
December 14, 2008: Buffalo, NY: Rust Belt Books
October 25, 2008: LA, CA; REDCAT Untitled: Speculations on the Expanded Field of Writing
May 17, 2008: Baltimore, MD: (i.e. reading series)
April 25, 2008: Brooklyn, NY: Stain Bar (Local-National Poetry Month)
December 9, 2007: Brooklyn, NY: Unnameable Books
November 4, 2007: Asheville, NC: wordplay on WPVM hosted by Jeff Davis
October 2, 2007: Durham, NC: House reading (minor american reading series)
June 17, 2007: NY, NY: Zinc Bar
March 30, 2007: Buffalo, NY: Electric City Spectacular
March 28, 2007: Oxford, OH: Miami University
November 18, 2006: Toronto, ON: Test Reading Series
January 27, 2006: WDC: 3Word Productions House Concert
January 21, 2006: Brooklyn, NY: BookCourt
January 20, 2006: Baltimore, MD: i.e. reading series
December 29, 2005: WDC: DCAC (DC Poets MLA Multi-Poet Extravaganza)
November 12, 2005: WDC: Washington Printmakers Gallery (Ruthless Grip series)
September 13, 2002: Buffalo, NY: visual poetry, name Reading: Big Orbit Soundlab.
February 26, 2002: Buffalo, NY: visual poetry, name Silent Reading: Rust Belt Books
February 7, 2002: Buffalo, NY: Rust Belt Books.
November 30, 2001: Buffalo, NY: name Poetry Reading & Bazaar; Rust Belt Books.
April 5, 2001: Buffalo, NY: Friends of the University Libraries Undergraduate Poetry Prize Awards Ceremony, Poetry/Rare Books Library, University at Buffalo.
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