Query below for standard or odd jobs. Rates below are a basic guideline and may increase if more work is required for a project (such as adding copy to a website, purchasing artwork for a book cover, etc.). Compare to the Editorial Freelancer's Association rates.

per 500 words
"Business casual" writing (blog posts, emails)  $200
Research writing $500
per up to 100 pages of manuscript
Poetry manuscript intensive (organization, editing) $400
Poetry manuscript Unicorn level (organization, editing, additional prompts, press recommendations) $800
Poetry manuscript look-see $50
Poetry on demand $100/hr
Poetry workshop/performance $50/hr + expenses
Copyediting and proofreading $30/page
Revising, guidance and tutoring $60/hour
Book Indexing $100/hour
Resume or c.v. shaping-up $50
Graphic Design
Book cover $500
Internal book design (text) $400
Logo design $500
Website $500/5 pages
Start to Finish Self-Publishing
Per hundred pages of manuscript $1000 
Library Services
General Consulting and/or Training $30/hr
Copy cataloging $20/hr
Original cataloging $30/hr
Mending $30/hr
Foreign language cataloging $50/hr
RFID installation $20/hr
Archives $50/hr
Deaccession $40/hr
Programs $50/hr
Contact with a description of project and needs:
Thank you!
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