How to Know the Flowers, Veliz Books 2019.
Articulating Space: Short Essays on Poetry. Argotist Ebooks 2011. (free e-book)
Unpublished Manuscripts
Dream House (semifinalist for the Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize, 2015)
Glazed Glitter (semifinalist for the Tarpaulin Sky Poetry Prize, 2017)
The Daybooks (in-progress manuscript)
Song of the Family (in-progress manuscript)
The Ring Cycle (in-progress manuscript)
Reading the Illegible (in-progress manuscript)
Reviews of How to Know the Flowers
Nominated for Pushcart Prize (excerpts), 2019.
Featured in Poets House’s Poetry Showcase 2019.
Jacobs-Beck, Kimberly. Crab Creek Review (print), 2019.
mclennan, rob. "Jessica Smith, How to Know the Flowers," rob mclennan's blog, 2019.
Reviews of Life-List
mclennan, rob. “Jessica Smith, Life-List,” rob mclennan’s blog, 2015.
Russo, Linda. “Listening-Being: Some unnamed species of porous poems,” Jacket2, 2015.
Reviews of Organic Furniture Cellar
Heggeman, Sally. Organic Furniture Cellar. Galatea Resurrects, 2015.
Tucker, Aaron. “Review by Aaron Tucker.” Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, 2014.
Loydell, Rupert. “The Ones that Didn’t Get Away.” Stride, 2007.
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Peverett, Michael. “Jessica Smith, Organic Furniture Cellar.”  Intercapillary Space, 2006.
Silliman, Ron. “I respond positively to ambitious work.” Silliman’s Blog, 2006.
Other Reviews
Bloomberg-Rissman, John. ZEN. Galatea Resurrects, 2014.
Foursquare Magazine. “The Indie Innovators.” Poets & Writers, 2010.
Fama, Steven.  BIRD-BOOK. Galatea Resurrects, 2006​​​​​​​
811.6, forthcoming from Sunnyoutside Press.
Lion's Den, above/ground press, 2019.
The Lover is Absent. above/ground press, 2017.
Poems from The Daybooks. Mondo Bummer, 2015.
Trauma Mouth. Dusie, 2015.
Cicada Radio. Phafours Press, 2014.
mnemotechnics. above/ground press, 2013.
What the Fortune-Teller Said. a+bend/Dusie, 2009; reprinted as “The Fortune Teller” in The Chapbook Journal (Issue 2, October 2013)
butterflies. Big Game Books, 2006. Digital version published by The Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange, 2013.
The Plasticity of Poetry. No Press, 2006.
Telling Time. No Press, 2006.
Shifting Landscapes. above/ground press, 2006.
blueberries. Handmade; sponsored by a Publication Grant from the McNulty Chair at the University at Buffalo, 2004.
bird-book. Handmade.  First edition sponsored by a Special Project Grant from the Honors Program at the University at Buffalo, 2001. Reprinted by House Press (2005) and digital version published by Detumescence Press (2006)
Problemattica. Handmade, 2001.
Relation. Handmade, 2001. Reprinted by The Chapbook Vol. 2, 2013.
Ursularia. An opera by Opera Cabal (Majel Connery & Nicholas DeMaison), 2007.
musicartmovement. bird-book poems used as scores for music and dance, with Brett Masteller, composer, and Chelsea Warren, choreographer, 2003.
Elevator Postcard Project. Elevator 4: The Grid Project (words for mobile), with Amy Stalling, artist, 2003.
Elevator Postcard Project. Elevator 3: The Postcard Project, “Westward,” with Isabelle Pelissier, artist, 2001.
Transient Views. excerpts from bird-book (film), with Terry Cuddy, filmmaker, 2001.
8Poems, excerpts from The Daybooks, "1 July 2018 / Birmingham" (Issue 1.1, 2018)
Bear Review, excerpts from The Daybooks (Spring 2020)
Can We Have Our Ball Back?, excerpts from The Daybooks (Spring 2020), “Daybooks 3 May 2013” (excerpt from The Daybooks) (2019)
Dilettante Army, "Approach" (Spring 2019)
Ethel Zine, excerpts from Reading the Illegible (Issue 4, 2019)
Glass Poetry, excerpts from The Daybooks, "11 June 2016" (100 Thousand Poets for Change - Birmingham, 2018)
8Poems, excerpts from The Daybooks, "22 April 2018" (Issue 1.1, 2018)
Dream Pop Journal, excerpts from Reading the Illegible (Issue 3, 2018)
Open Letters Monthly, from The Daybooks, 5 June 2016 (2017)
Poets and Artists, excerpts from Glazed Glitter and Reading the Illegible (Issue 80, 2017)
Dusie Advent Calendar, from The Daybooks, 4 November 2016 (2016)
Pine Hills Review, from The Daybooks, “17 June 2007” (2015)
MiPoesias, from The Daybooks, “29 May 2012,” “11 December 2009” (Spring 2015)
The Ladowich Review, “The Potter,” “The Skull Bones,” “The Ceramics,” “The Ceramics,” “The Lines” (Issue 1, 2015)
Touch the Donkey, from The Daybooks, “23 June 2009,” “27 June 2003,” “28 July 2009,” “28 September 2003,” “19 November 2005” (Issue 4, 2015) (print)
Drunken Boat, from The Daybooks, “30 March 2005,” “6 May 2011,” “31 October 2002” (Issue 20, 2014)
Delirious Hem, from The Daybooks, “13 December 2006” (December 2014)
Open Letters Monthly, from The Daybooks, “22 October 2013” (December 2014)
Bling that Sings, from The Daybooks, “2 March 2004,” “10 April 2014” (September 2014)
The Volta, “811.6” (August 2014)
Boston Poetry Magazine, “30 January 2014” (July 2014) (Pushcart nominee)
Zigest, “from The Daybooks / 7 July 2005 / Stockholm” (May 2014) (no longer in print)
Newport Life, “from The Daybooks / 8 June 2009 / Buffalo” (April 2014)
The Brooklyn Rail, “Little Daughter, “Bronzino,” “Saskia” (March 2014) (print)
La Vague Journal, three poems from “Exact Resemblance (Issue 2, February 2014)
Cordite Poetry Review, “Gondwanaland” (Issue 44, December 2013)
Delirious Hem Advent Calendar, “Saskia, Rembrandt (1636)” (December 2013)
The Emerald Tablet, “chrysopoetics” (December 2013) (print)
The Volta (Evening May Come), “alectryomancy” (Issue 33, September 2013)
aesthetix, “800” (Issue 6, 2013) (print)
N/A Literary Journal, “magazine,” “beat the air,” “Canada geese,” “mourning” (Issue 1, 2013)
Open Letters Monthly, “wild swans” (July 2013)
Word for/Word, “In Love” (vol. 21, 2013)
Futurepoem Blog, response to Noah Eli Gordon’s The Source (2012)
Kadar Koli, poems (Buffalo 2010) (print)
The Buffalo News, excerpts from What the Fortune-Teller Said (Buffalo 2010) (print)
Area Sneaks, “Mod Diary” and interview (Los Angeles 2009) (print)
speechless, “Mod Diary” (Calgary 2008)
Apocryphaltext, “Wake,” (Montevallo, AL 2008)
Cannibal, “Other Testimony of Summer Nights” (NYC 2008) (print)
knives out, “dissent – descent” (Toronto 2008) (print)
Phoebe, “Duras” (WDC 2008) (print)
A Sing Economy, “Cortland” (Albany 2008) (print)
The Other Herald, “Sidewalk” (Buffalo 2008)
Big Game Review, “Mars” (WDC 2007)
WOMB, CHRISTINA ROSSETTI ("a summer wish") (San Diego 2007) (object)
FOURSQUARE, “Wake” (Charlottesville 2007) (print)
Rock Heals, “Sidewalk” and “Poetry is Like Music” (Baltimore 2007)
Zinhar, “Manifest” (in Turkish translation, Istanbul 2007) (print)
Small Press Traffic, interview (San Francisco 2006)
small town, poems (San Francisco 2006)
Filling Station, excerpts from Organic Furniture Cellar (Calgary 2005) (print)
American Weddings, excerpts from Organic Furniture Cellar (No. 1, Boston 2004) (print)
Drill, excerpts from Organic Furniture Cellar (No. 4, South Bend 2004)
Mantis, “Silent Protest: Feminism and Poetry Reading Politics in the 21st Century” (No. 3, Palo Alto 2004) (print)
OEI, untranslatable excerpts from Organic Furniture Cellar and article, “The Plasticity of Poetry,” a variation on the Organic Furniture Cellar preface (No. 18/19/20/21, Stockholm 2004) (print)
rout/e, "legend" or "mapmaking" excerpts from Organic Furniture Cellar (Toronto 2004) (object)
vortex, Buffalo broadsides by William Sylvester, excerpts from blueberries (Buffalo 2004) (print)
Antennae, “Corpse of Time” (No. 4, Chicago 2003) (print)
Anomaly, “evolocution” excerpts (No. 1, D.C. 2002) (print)
dANDelion, “canal series” excerpts from Organic Furniture Cellar (No. 28 vol. 2, Calgary 2002) (print)
Ecopoetics, “Common Blues” excerpts from Organic Furniture Cellar (No. 2, Buffalo 2002) (print)
Ferrum Wheel, “Leave No Trace” (No. 4, Buffalo 2002); "Buffalo Cycle" (No. 3, Buffalo 2002); “poem for regeneration” (No. 2, Buffalo 2001); “japanese beetle” from bird-book (No. 1, Buffalo 2001) (print/object)
ixnay, “das lied von der erde,” “hero  n,” and “japanese beetle,” from bird-book (No. 7, Philadelphia 2002)
Outlet (7) Heroines, “Cherries” (San Francisco 2001) (print)
xtant one 09.01, “lov   r” (No. 1, North Carolina 2001) (print)
Queen Street Quarterly, "Jemison Trail" and "Morris Trail" from Organic Furniture Cellar (Vol. 7, No. 1; 2004); excerpts from bird-book (Vol. 5, No. 3; 2002); “for Mariama Bâ” (Vol. 4, No. 4; 2001) (Toronto) (print)
name, “found poem” (No. 8/9, 2004), “(>)” (No. 7, 2003), excerpts from Organic Furniture Cellar (No. 6, 2002), excerpts from Evolocution and "oscilli" from bird-book (No. 4/5, 2002); “Relation/I-I,” “Relation/I-III,” and “Cherries” (No. 3, 2001) (Buffalo) (print)
First Prize, Academy of American Poets Prize, Miami University of Ohio, 2019. (excerpts from The Daybooks)
Finalist, Veliz Books, 2018. (How to Know the Flowers)
Finalist, Nightboat Poetry Prize, 2017. (How to Know the Flowers)
Finalist, Sundress Publications Book Prize, 2017. (How to Know the Flowers)
Semifinalist, Tarpaulin Sky Poetry Prize, 2017. (Glazed Glitter)
Pushcart Prize nomination, for “30 January 2014,” Boston Poetry Magazine 2014.
Semifinalist, Tarpaulin Sky Poetry Prize, 2015. (Dream House)
Finalist, BOAAT Chapbook Competition, 2014 (Forms of Trust)
Finalist, Nightboat Poetry Prize, 2012. (Life-List)
First Prize, Academy of American Poets Prize, University at Buffalo, 2004.
First Prize, Academy of American Poets Prize, University at Buffalo, 2002.
First Prize, Friends of the University Libraries Undergraduate Poetry Prize, University at Buffalo, 2001.
University at Buffalo Honors Program Special Project Grant, 2001.
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